Tobwaraoi Community Nanikaai

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Welcome & Mauri

Welcome to Tobwaraoi Community Nanikaai (TCN) Website. Here, you'll be able to get information and updates on TCN activities, upcoming projects, and other news related to the Community. 

Within our Community there are 4 Committee, each have different task assigned;

1. Clean Up Committee - the  committee main task is to organize the cleaning up of the whole village including the Beach which was located between Nanikaai Village and Bairiki.

2.  Child, Youth & Women Protection Committee - the committee is responsible for support and all means of protection measures for a Child, Youth and the Women of the Community.

3.  Community Properties Committee:- the committee is responsible for looking after all the properties belong to the Community that provided or funded from different Organization which include the Newly Build Toilet Block, Rubbish bin, and all the tools that are belong to the Community.

4. Peace Keeping Committee - this committee responsible for making the village a safe and peace place to live by enforcing the laws that should be followed and otherwise a penalty will applied to those who are breached especially under the influence of alcohol.


1. Toilet  - this project is completed. The people from the village are no longer used the beach as their toilet. It has a major contribution to their health and the environment.

2. Rain Water tanks:- will be funded by Kiribati Adaptaton Project (KAP) in May, 2017. There is no safe drinking water in our village, the water from the well is salty, so we would like to Thanks the KAP Project for their kindness in providing assistance on this need.

Upcoming Project that we still seeking funding:

1. Beach Clean Up - this project will cost about AUD$2,000 for purchasing all the necessary tools that needed to clean the beach between Bairiki and Nanikaai Village. The required tools are Wheelbarrow, Shovel, Spades, Rakes and Gloves plus any Cabbage bag.

2. Kid Playsets - our village is very small, no place for the Kid to play therefore we are looking for a small set of any sport equipment such as table tennis, badminton, etc. 

3. Upgrading current Toilet Building blocks:- the beach is Clean now, no more human seeing using the beach as their toilet. Now during the night we are experiencing a darkness in this toilet blocks and the current system that supply water to the toilet is not reliable, therefore we are seeking funding for  a set of Solar light, Solar pump, Overhead tank that would cost approximately AUD$3,000.00 so we can use the toilet block during the night and keep it clean.

You want to help? send an email to [email protected]

Kam rabwa. (Thank you)

updated:- 20th February, 2017